Independent researcher, DesignEd Atelier

  •  Developing a methodology and framework for embodied storytelling (Dance-cription)
    Collaborative work with Theater Playroom, Melbourne
  •  Developing a framework for sonic education, creative engagement with sound
    Collaborative work with City University, London and Musication, Toronto
  •  Conceptualizing ontological and epistemological assumptions, challenging positivistic
    approach in Natural Science research
    Collaborative work with Engineering scholars from RMIT, Melbourne and McGill University, Montreal

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), CBD, Scientific and Policy Support, Traditional Knowledge, Intern (developing a training material for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities).

  •  Contribute to the preparatory work for the 10th meeting of the Working Group on article 8(j) and related provisions, including through research and compilation of documents and other matters. 
  •  Contribute to development of training materials for IPLCs on Article 8 (j) and related provisions. 
  •  Contribute to the implementation of a Capacity Development Programme on national arrangements for achieving traditional knowledge elements of targets 18 and 16 of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020, including through research on mechanisms on access to traditional knowledge (TK) based on prior and informed consent; fair and equitable sharing of benefits; mutually agreed terms; reporting and preventing unlawful appropriation of traditional knowledge. 
  •  Assist with work including capacity-building on the Nagoya Protocol, in particular as it relates to traditional knowledge associated with genetic resources  

Citizenship Education Research Journal, Volume 4, Issue 1, Assistant Editor Citizenship Education Research Journal, Volume 5, Issue 1, Assistant Editor

  • Review the papers’ content and references
  • Format the papers
  • Choose an order for the papers
  • Write a thoughtful introduction to the journal edition1

Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia (Okanagan Campus), BC, Canada, Innovative Learning Center, Research Assistant

LEGO Architecture

  • Conduct literature reviews
  • Facilitate the educational workshops
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Prepare materials for submission to granting agencies
  • Prepare interview and survey questions
  • Summarize project results
  • Prepare progress reports
  • Prepare other articles, reports, and presentations

The International Journal of Designed Objects, Volume 9, Issue 2, Associate Editor

The International Journal of Designed Objects, Volume 9, Issue 1, Associate Editor

The International Journal of Interdisciplinary Educational Studies, Volume 8, Associate Editor                                               

The House of Seven Moons Co., Coordinator of Design and Research Section

Research and Design, a minimal approach to Iranian carpet motifs

  • Taking charge of projects in all phases of the projects
  • Participating in concept development
  • Checking the quality objectives and creative projects
  • Checking the technical objectives of projects;

Department of Architecture and Interior Design, Tehran University of Art, Iran, Research Assistant

Encyclopedia for Young People, Children’s Book Council, International Board on Books for Young people (IBBY), Member of Editorial Staff